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Bell ATM Service, Inc. is here to provide you with all of the products you need. Our inventory includes many Hyosung components including Hyosung 1500 keys & locks.
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New Electronic lock Kit for Hyosung/Tranax 1000,2100,1500
Price: $180.33

Combo Lock, Electronic Combination Lock Includes Keypad, Locking Mechanism, Battery Holder and Hardware, as Well as 2 Conversion Screws (for Upgrading from Spindial Lock), and 9V Battery, Lock Kit-Electronic lock Kit for Tranax 1000,2100,1500

Hyosung/Tranax/Hantle Machines: 1000,2000,1500,1800,1800CE,1800SE,2100T,5000,5000XP,5100T,5300CE,1700,E4000,C4000,X4000,C4010T

Vendor ID: 45112401
LA GARD Electronic Combination Lock
Price: $96.21

Combo Lock, Electronic Combination Lock. Includes Keypad with Battery holder, Swing bolt locking Mechanism and Hardware and 9V Battery. Lock Kit-Electronic Combination Lock for all Triton and Hyosung ATM Machines. Includes both Standard and Metric thumb screws. Standard screws are for Triton ATMs. Metric screws are for the Hyosung/Genmega/Hantle ATMs.

Machines: RL1600,RL2000,RL5000,RT2000, FT5000,G1900,G2500,GT3000
New Spin Dial Combination Lock, Lock Kit- Spin Dial for Various Model ATM Machines
Price: $75.00

Combo Lock,  Spin Dial Combination Lock, Lock Kit- Spin Dial for Various Model ATM Machines (Complete). La-Gard Spin-Dial Lock.

ATM Machines (Triton, Hyosung, Tranax): 9100,9600,9700,RL1600,RL5000,RT2000,FT5000,1000,1500,2000,2100,1800,5100T,Nano, 1800,1800CE,1800SE

Vendor ID: 06100-00065, 06100-06030, 08010-01012
Key,"STAR" Shaped Change Key, ILCO and S and G Spin Dial Locks
Price: $31.97

Key,"STAR" Shaped Change Key, ILCO and S and G Spin Dial Locks. Includes lock kit.

Tranax/Hyosung/Hantle Machines: 9100,9600,9700,FT5000,RL5000,RT2000,MB1500,1700,1700W

(Obsolete) Vendor ID: 03624-00009
New Lock set (Key & Lock) for Hyosung Machines Cabinet/Fascia
Price: $21.49

Lock set (Key & Lock) for Cabinet/Fascia Hyosung/Tranax

Machines: NH 2700CE, MX 5300XP, MX 7600T, NH 1800CE, NH 1500, MX 5600, MX 5100T, MX 5000CE (Grey), NH 2200, MX 7000T, NH 1800SE, NH 1800, NH 2700T, MX 5000CE (Blue), MX 5000SE, NH 2500, MX 7100T, MX 5600T, NH 1000, NH 2000, NH 2100T, NH 9030, MX 5100, MX 7600D, MX 7600I, MX 7000D, NH 2150, MX 7600FFL, MX 7600DR, MX 5300CE, MX 5200SE, HALO, HALO II , HALO S
Vendor Part #: 4240000020
Cassette Key for Tranax and Genmega TCDU Cassette
Price: $8.66

Key,Cassette Key for Tranax and Genmega TCDU Cassette

ATM Models: 1000,1500,1700,C4000,E4000,G1900,G2500

Vendor ID: 230201821
Key-Cassette for Tranax/Hyosung Cross cassettes
Price: $4.72

Key,Cassette Key for Tranax/ Cross Cassettes Hyosung

Machines: 1000,1500,2000,2100,1800,1800CE,1800SE,5000CE,5000XP,5300CE,5100T
Vendor ID: 45110111 Alt Vendor ID: 23021167-1
Key-Door key for Tranax/Cross ATM machines
Price: $4.72

Key, Cabinet Key for Hyosung/ Tranax/ Cross ATM Machines Also for NH5000 and NH1800 atm machines

Hyosung Machines: 1000,1500,2000,2100,1800,1800CE,1800SE,5000CE
Vendor ID: 45110110 Alt Vendor ID: 23021166-1

Lock, Foot, Door Bezel 42005101
Lock, Foot, Door Bezel
Price: $3.83

Lock, Foot, Door Bezel

Machines: 1500, 5000CE
Vendor ID: 42005101